Jumplist Backup Restore 3.1 Free download

Jumplist Backup Restore 3.1

  • Publisher:H.Ulbrich
  • Version:3.1
  • Operation System:Windows 7
  • License:Free to try
  • File Size:200.79K

Total Downloads:2408

Jumplist Backup Restore 3.1Description

Backup and Restore Taskbar Jump lists for Windows 7
In Windows 7 programs can be pinned to the Taskbar or Stratmenu where they are supplied by Jump lists consisting of recent or pinned files or tasks. This program allows to save and restore Jump lists so that they can be transferred to a different Installation. If a program is removed from the Taskbar or Startmenu, its Jump list is not deleted, so that it can be used again in case the program is pinned back. This program can delete Jump lists for selected items and can also interchange Jump lists between different programs.

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